Why Should You Always Practice A Physical Activity

By | April 10, 2017

You want to be fit, but you are not sure how to do it properly, and you worry that your vacation might take you back to your progress. Some say that running helps you faster to get the wanted physical shape of your body, while others say that cycling will be of better help.

The truth is that you should do anything that you can, especially when you’re on vacation. A trip to Australia won’t stop your progress, as you can do anything that involves an outdoor activity.

However, let’s see the pros and cons of these two activities that you can do everywhere.

Be Fit In No Time

No matter if you use a local bike or one that you ride on the roads, the result is the same – you can ride for a longer period. Your body becomes used to this kind of effort, and it seems so natural, that it sustains stamina training.

However, running is something entirely different. It’s true that it also uses all the muscles in the body, but after a short period, you begin to hurt. Your muscles will become sore and damaged, and you will have to stop.

Lose Weight

Both cycling and running are good for this, as some bicycles have an appropriate gear that makes you work harder. No matter if you run or cycle, you will lose plenty of calories. The truth is that if you run on an uneven terrain, it’s more likely that this is more efficient than cycling, as this makes you work harder.

Fewer Accidents

It may be funny, but scientists have made a study for this too. They have proven that cyclists have fewer accidents than runners. With the bicycle, you can have a crash, or you can fall, and this is extremely rare, especially if you know how to ride the bike pretty well.

When you run, the shockwaves produced by this activity will compress your vertebrae, which is more dangerous than a fall from the bike. The scientists have also proven that the body of a marathon runner can shrink by a centimeter after a race – it’s temporary, but it’s not considered safe.It’s Easy to Socialize

If you run, you won’t be able to talk clearly or enough to sustain a conversation. Apart from this, not many people get out and meet for a run in the park, or play games while running. This is not the case with the bicycles, as this is a physical activity that allows you to talk freely and easy with your friends. You will be able to meet with different people, socialize, and take part in small trips around the area with the bicycle.

It’s time to leave behind your worries and enjoy the vacation. You can still do something to keep you fit, like running or riding the bike, but you can still see the things that the city has to offer you when you’re on vacation. Check the local restaurants; check the casinos with their exciting casino games; check the theaters and the museums, and in a week you’ll be able to taste everything that Australia has to offer.