Welding Requires Full Protection On the Field

By | May 6, 2019

Welding is a very hot job that needs the best protection. About 3,000 C to 20,000 C of intense liquid heat touches the welders each day. Their job is to make metals and equipments for companies in the hottest environments imaginable. Due to this, it is important for a employer and individual to equip themselves very top welding gear. If your on a low budget and extremely tight, please at least consider getting the best welding helmet that protects your eye vision and gloves to protect your hands from the burning coal. Welders have a job that is made for robots but requires men to do because it requires a certain level of precision. Support your welding workers and yourself if you’re a welder by getting the best welding gear you can have to protect self. Additional information on welding gear that can protect workers better below.

Gear to Protect Feet and Legs

Feet and legs need welding protection. So many pieces of hot metal and lightning fall to the ground. Doesn’t matter if your standing near it or 20 feet away. The sparks hurt and can leave extreme skin damage on feet if left unprotected. To protect, wear a chap to protect the waist and legs. Chaps should be made from leather and tough suede. Do not get cheap plastic chaps because anything not tough will burn the one using it. The chaps come in different styles, so you should find one to your liking. Next, we move to the boots the workers that wield metal wear. Boots can come in any color. Color is not the issue. The issue is the material and soles boots made from. Wear boots that are closed and leather. Have a sole that is pierce proof and resistant to shocks. All the sparks hitting boots would not make the employee jump back and cause accidents if this is done. Last, aprons that can withstand heat damage made from leather. Doing all this, would help you or employee protect themselves better in the welding business.

Welding Requires Full Protection On the Field

 Jacket and Chest Welding Gear

Long sleeve jackets and chest protection gear is safety essential. The main part that come in contact with heat, liquid heat, and sparks is the chest. All jackets must be fire proofed and made of tough material. Leather may work but consider higher grades if leather can’t handle constant abuse. Make sure you test this jacket out before using. A lot of companies claim fireproof jackets. The only way to truly know is to test it. Moving on, the chest gear consist of apron, gloves and welding sleeves. The welding sleeves might not be necessary if your wearing a welding jacket but give your employees this anyway.

The gloves are very very important. Heat burns to the highest degree with the fingers. Your fingers are going to get the closest to the fire. According to one study, 25% of people who do welding for a living have injuries on their fingers. 70% of those injuries happen because the workers are not using gloves to weld things. Make sure you always wear gloves for welding. Welding gloves are not comfortable to wear. I understand this. Find some gloves that are comfortable and flexible. Don’t use the basic wielding gloves if you can afford to buy more welding gloves.

 Helmet Welding Gear

One of the best welding gear to have is the welding helmet. Buy the best welding helmet if you can afford to do so. Won’t be a waste of money to buy something that can protect your eyes, skin, face, mind, vision, and job security. Plus, they make you think your darth vader from the Star Wars. Helmets come with visors that protect your eyes from all types of intense heat light. Auto-darkening Helen are also available for you to purchase to provide you with a enhance view. It automatically detects the heat coming to your helmet. Won’t need to change a button. Just put the auto-darkening lens helmet on and your good for the next 8 hours.