Useful and Safety Features of Welding Helmets

By | April 26, 2019

Working with welding in any machine business should require you to have a welding helmet. Best welding helmet is my own personal opinion. Welding helmets are not just something you put on like a motorcycle helmet. They protect you from fire, sparks, heat, and eye blindness. A true feature you want to equip on your body as soon as you can. Otherwise, you could find yourself with all types of scars and look like you just came from a fire rescue. Do not go out to that job thinking you don’t need a welding helmet for face protection. More reasons on why you need to buy one are listed below.

Useful and Safety Features of Welding Helmets

Helps You See Better

Welding helmets main function is help you see better. Why not buy it for that reason alone? Each helmet comes with a visor that allows you to see through fire while working with fire. As you weld, you are going to see a lot of fire. I mean a lot when I say a lot. Highly concentrated infrared lights and UV lights are going to travel to your eyes. Normally, your eyes are use to seeing colors stay in one place. But, once the colors start moving in random directions and burning heat in your eyes, that’s when you find your self looking at all sorts of colors. It looks cool but those colors can hurt your cornea. Cornea, is a wall that protects your outer pupil. You don’t need anything blurring your vision and causing you to lose your welding job. Put on one of those best welding helmets. In general, make your job easier by wearing a welding helmet.

Blocks Heat That Can Burn Skin

Large amounts of heat enters to your skin when you weld, which is why you need to put on a welding helmet to protect the top skin layer on body. In fact, skin on the face is very sensitive. It could easily peel off without a welding helmet. Welding builds up heat they could range in the 6,000 C to 24,000 C. That’s plenty heat to burn your skin off in seconds. A piece of you is not going to come off that  is going to be really hard to replace. Yes, you could go to the doctor and have someone give you a new arm. But, the technology being used today is more machine then organic. Plus, your the cyber technology they use to replace people’s limbs is very expensive. Think in the 300,000 price range. To make matters worst, the technology does exist but there is a short supply of it. With all the technology we have available for phones and laptops, there is still a shortage of technology for human replacement parts. Could be because companies care about money than human life, but that’s another story for another day. All in all, wear a welding helmet to protect your face from heat that burn it down to the bone.

Auto Darkening Lenses Can Increase Vision When Welding

In current times, new auto darkening lens control the color that comes out from welding sparks. Welding sparks are something that can get annoying if you see the same color from time to time. There are moments when you make a mistake because the color gets in the way. What if you could control the color and effects to make the spark problem less shifting? Auto darkening lens hopes to solve this issue by putting adjustable functions on a welding helmet. Push a few buttons and turn knob to adjust the tint on visor. Change the visor light in the dark or day. Do it high or low. All up to your style of welding metals and other materials. Yes, you can manual set the color tint on the welding helmet. Vision will increase at a level that is far beyond a normal welding helmet. Forewarned, you need to read the instructions of each welding helmet. Some do not have manual option and only allow auto correct. With that, consider getting a auto darkening welding helmet. You may just like it.