How Big Of A Cage Do You Need For A Ferret?

By | February 1, 2020

Ferrets are very active and playful animals. They are very loving and curios which makes them the best pet. They are wonderful friends and really fun pets.  They are small furry and have a nose that is cone-shaped. They look really cute with their long tail and pear-shaped body. Even if they have a long tail they do have short legs but their claws are long. They are very popular pets. Ferrets are quiet, friendly, inquisitive and intelligent in nature they are very much companionable. They are quiet but very active at some points they are super active and can get themselves in trouble.

So it is necessary to have them always under the supervision of the owner. Their intelligence level is pretty high which makes them really interesting pets. They are capable of amusing themselves when no one is around. But they are very human-friendly and love to interact with their human friends. They need attention and they can be very funny in order to seek attention. Their physical and mental health depends a lot on how much they are interacting and playing.

How Are Ferrets As A Pet

How Big Of A Cage Do You Need For A Ferret?

Having a ferret as the pet is so much fun and it is definitely some responsibility. From their food to their grooming everything becomes a part of the busy schedule if you own a ferret. But the most important thing one needs to arrange before someone gets a ferret is a home for them. Finding a cage for ferrets is not so tough but it sometimes can be not their comfort zone or maybe it can be maybe for the little fur friend. Here is how to choose a cage for the ferret.

How to choose a cage for a ferret

Ferrets are out only for a few hours everyday most of the time they spend their day in the cage so it is very important to get a cage that is comfortable for them it feels like their own habitat. While choosing a cage one should keep in mind some factors, including design, size, shape and more. Well, design ferret cage can be very helpful for the health of ferret and the growth of ferrets.


How Big Of A Cage Do You Need For A Ferret?

The first and most important factor in choosing a cage is the size of the cage. There should be a lot of space for them to play, sleep, eat and litter box. Choosing the right size of the cage can be a lot easier if you buy a large size. It fits every time when they grow big one doesn’t need to change the cage. The same cage can be used even if they are grown big. They will have good space.  If one owns multiple ferrets try to get one but a bigger cage. So all of them can play without any issue.

Multiple levels

While choosing a cage to keep in mind to get a cage that has two or three stories. This will make a more playful atmosphere for the ferrets.  Also, check there are ramps connecting the multiple levels the ferret can run and enjoy and this will save them from any kind of injury.

Secure enclosure

Ferrets are very playful and always have somethi9ng naughty cooking in their minds. They are sneaky and they try to get out of the cage. So it is necessary to have a cage that has bars with very little spacing. The bars should not be very sharp in order to ensure the safety of the ferret.


Buy a cage that has solid floors, pans or the carpeting. the surface or floor should be flat.  Wired floors can hurt the feet and ferrets can be trapped between the wires so get a solid full cover floor so it doesn’t hurt the ferrets. Wired flooring can break the limbs and can create cuts on the ferret’s body.

Fixed necessities

Look for a cage that has a fixed bowl of water and food in the cage so while the ferret is playing inside it won’t spill anything.  A tight lock is needed so ferret cannot open it themself. this ensures the safety of ferret. If it is a multiple level cage, make sure it has fixed water arrangements at every level as ferrets can drink a lot of water when they are active. A cage should always have a litter pan.


A cage should look nice and comfortable. Freeeters are really attracted to beautiful things. So a beautiful cage is a perfect home for a ferret. Avoid painted cages as their smell can irritate a ferret. A cage can be beautiful by its shape and design. Try to get a plain and not painted cage.  One can keep some plastic toys that can increase the beauty of the cage as well as it can create a playful atmosphere for the ferret.

Ventilation and temperature

How Big Of A Cage Do You Need For A Ferret?

A cage should have good ventilation. It is very important to get a cage that has bars and is not fully covered. Space should be temperature controlled. A ferret can not survive in uncontrolled temperature. The temperature in the cage should be between 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit’s.  Ferrets are heat sensitive so they cannot live above 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Buying a cage for a ferret is very simple if you can follow the tips mentioned above.  Ferrets are very social animals and very human-friendly. They love playing, exercising, swimming and interacting with the owners.  Ferrets are the best combined with the features of the dog and a cat. They are very clever and their unique features make them very interesting. They are very independent animals but enjoy the company of human friends. At some points of the day, they are highly active but they are nocturnal and can sleep for 18 hours per day.  So the cage plays a very essential role for any ferret as they spend most of the time in the cage. Finding the best cages for ferrets can be found online or in any pet store nearby.