Do Chicken Coops Need Windows?

By | October 23, 2019

When it comes to chicken coop, you need to offer protection and also keep them warm as well as dry during the inclement weather and also gives shade in the summer. These coops also offer them with utmost shelter from predators. Whether your chicken coop design is picture perfect or a conventional shed on your property, your coop is accurately fine as long as it keeps them secure.

Definitely, it is also good to include some of the fun factors and build it a beautiful part of your landscaping and home as well. If you are a crafty individual with a great sense of aesthetics, dressing up your chicken coop is an excellent idea. You must also consider other things such as ventilation, chicken nesting boxes, space needs, cleanliness and chicken roost ideas. You need to keep your chicken coop in a proper ventilation to avoid the smell.

Do Chicken Coops Need Windows?

Perfect ventilation in your coop

One of the simplest ways to make sure, that you has perfect ventilation in your coop and you need to buy the product with windows. These windows allow the air to flow in and out of a coop as well as it could carry some of the odour went out. In fact, there are several possible ways available to add windows into your chicken coop and also there are tons of unique window styles that you can use as well. The chickens also have very enticing upper respiratory system, so it is much essential that your coop have a good ventilation to prevent respiratory diseases in your chickens.

Actually, adding windows to your coop can greatly support to keep your chickens cool on this summer. Moreover, adding windows is one of the finest ways to keep your chickens cool as well as ensure your coop has proper ventilation it requires. Having windows and doors is more beneficial in the best chicken coop; because it allows the sunlight into your coop that can highly support your flock to obtain the vitamin D that they require. Vitamin D is more essential; because it highly supports with calcium absorption that assures your chickens have healthy eggs and strong bones.

How to add windows to your chicken coop for cooling and heating?

When it comes to adding windows to your chicken coop for cooling and heating, you can purchase or make the inexpensive windows that will open and close to keep your chickens cooler during the summer as well as warmer during the winter. In several parts of the country, the hens will be fine without even real coop windows. By cutting a limited openings in a coop wall can allow the air circulation and shelters them with hardware cloth protected with screws in order to keep the predators out.

If you live in a severe winter region, you may need windows that you can close in the winter and open in the summer. If the chicken coop window comes with a screen, it is good enough. Based on how determined are your local predators, you may still assign a layer of hardware cloth behind a window, as some predators are good enough to split the simple mosquito screen or a chicken wire.

Things to consider while designing a chicken coop

Do Chicken Coops Need Windows?

Usually, making a best chicken coop takes some time that requires minimum skills and also more careful planning. Before you begin hammering, you have to pull out some graph paper and also ensure you address all that the chicken requires to remain safe and healthy as well. Below are few important things to consider while designing a chicken coop that includes:


The chicken coops always want better ventilation via windows, exhaust fans, roof vents or any other means. Normally, the cool air comes in just near the floor that is warmed and then survives near the top. The tailor coops will need both top and bottom air circulation points.

Coop size and shape

Each chicken requires minimum 2 square feet of indoor space or just three to six square feet in the outdoor run. For instance, you must multiply the quantity of chickens by two to obtain the least square footage for indoor chickens.

Robust floor

The baggy floors are uncomfortable for chickens and appear unattractive.


The chicken coop should keep chickens dry and warm and thus healthy too. The chickens should have entrée to the barrier and an accommodation in order to safeguard from winter winds.


This specific concern can safeguard your chickens from injury. You can also ensure to consider cleaning in your design. The choices for keeping a clean branch area include a door, a slide-out pan, a flat board or a ditch that can be rubbed and detached as well.


Light either artificial or natural is essential for chickens to eat, drink and also lay eggs. The artificial light source can make the evening errands possible and keep the hens more active in winter as well as support to protect from predators.

Safeguarding from predators

The predators are massive issue for suburban, urban and rural coops. The chickens coop must have a strong shelter to protect from predators at night times.

Clean surroundings

The better drainage in an outside region stops moisture and formation. Most of the chicken-keepers can install the tough surface floors, which could be hosed, or gravel or sand that keeps the feet clean of a bird. You must also prevent slippery flooring such as metal, tile or paper, particularly for meat birds.

Temperature control

When the temperature ranges from 40 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit, the chickens are more comfortable. When you purchase a chicken coop window, you need to ensure the chickens which are suitable for all climates. In warmer climates, give additional space, better ventilation and higher ceilings.

Do Chicken Coops Need Windows?

Should chicken coops have windows?

When you consider buying the best chicken coop design, you might struggle with whether to add windows or not. It is a well-known fact that how small is known on the role of windows in the happiness, health and also maintenance of a chicken coop.