Are There Any Problems With Sky Diving

By | April 26, 2019

Ok, you want to skydive with your friends, but you want to know if your prepared. You could take sky diving classes to learn how to pull a parachute and fall properly. You could wear the best skydiving helmet. But, will it be enough is what your saying right now right? Well, your about to embark on a journey that can have a bad ending. But, do not think about that. Everybody thinks their going to hit the ground their first time. Its ok to have these thoughts. Only 0.0007% of people have issues opening their parachute. You only need to worry about that very small percentage. That’s so small and your probably not going to hit rock bottom. Though, if you still think you are. Buddy with a friend and let one of you hit the parachute. More things you should know down below.

Are There Any Problems With Sky Diving

How Fast Do you Fall

Your going to go faster then you think. Hurling downward at a speed of about 100 to 120 miles. The time it takes for you to hit the ground is very short. Some say it is 2 minutes. I say its about 60 seconds. During the fall, it won’t feel like 60 seconds. It will feel like 60 minutes. All 5 of your human senses will be intensified to help you focus on pulling that parachute. Make a mental note to pull the parachute and check for it before hand. Never jump off that plane without knowing where the string to pull the parachute is. You may find yourself in some hot water. More like dirt soil. But, you get the picture. Basically, the whole event is going to go by really fast in real time. You won’t have to worry about missing a date. The feeling you get is not going to be fast. Your going to feel the strings pull you from the spine and then some.

What Weight You Need to Be

Strangely, there is a weight l8imit to go sky diving. If your under the limit, you have nothing to worry about. Although, if you are at the limit or over, you can not sky dive. The weight limit you need to be less than is 220 pounds. The reason its at this level is to prevent people from using a parachute that can not support their weight. Parachutes are not invincible. They have their limits. The weight is not that much of an issue. You could probably lose the weight over the summer to hit that level. Most kids are under that weight. They shouldn’t have a problem signing up for skydiving. That’s all there is to it. If it makes you feel better, pilots have to be a certain weight limit as well. They have to make sure their weight is kept down too.

Wear a Helmet to Protect Head

Having the best skydiving helmet can protect your head from all possible impacts. When you open your parachute, you will hit things that come next to you. Would be wise to have a helmet that can protect head from metals and rocks on the sides. Most people say skydiving helmets are stupid, until they bust their heads on a rock. That is the day that wish they had a sky diving helmets. And, sky diving helmets protect your memory. You could land slow or fast. When you land fast due to not hitting the parachute fast enough, your body is going to the hit the ground a little harder than it looks. Your brain might not be able to handle it. A bump to the right and your skull is chipped. A small chance risk you don’t want to take it. Strap a skydiving helmet on head as soon as you can.